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Flower club 2022

Flower Club members will receive spectacular blooms once per week. Memberships last for four weeks at a time. Flowers are available in two styles of subscriptions; in a paper wrapped bouquet (two sizes available), or artfully arranged in tasteful ceramic/glass vases looking gorgeous and ready for your table! 

Flowers will change throughout the spring and summer and I hope to have something new in every week's bouquet. 

In 2021, door to door delivery will only be available in the downtown core of Dawson Creek for the vase arrangement Flower Club. All other Flower Club members will need to pick-up their blooms at the designated pick-up location. 

To sign up for a Flower Club Membership head over to the Shop page and select the option that is best for you!


flower club details!

As the season changes, so will the blooms, but all the flowers from the Flower Club will be cut to order (often cut the day before delivery!) and will incorporate a variety of textures, colours, shapes and sizes of blooms. 

All of the Flower Club memberships will run for 4 weeks at a time.

Mother Nature will have the final word, but here is what I am planning for and working towards:

Spring Blooms Flower Club

Will begin in June and run for 4 weeks. This 4 week block will feature some spring classics like daffodils, big-fat tulips (not the kind you'll see at the grocery store!) and pansies, as well as some more exotic blooms like Persian fritillaria, Italian ranunculus and Italian anemones. 

Early Summer Flower Club

Will begin in July and run for 4 weeks. This block will feature Icelandic Poppies, Italian ranunculus and anemones, globe alliums, snapdragons, cosmos and peonies (purchased from other BC/Alberta flower farmers) and more.

Late Summer Flower Club

Will be bountiful and will also run for 4 weeks, beginning in August. This 4- week block will include cosmos, zinnias, sweet peas, sunflowers, phlox, scabiosa, foxglove, delphiniums, and so many more!

Autumn Flower Club

This 4 week block  will run from late August, and will include sunflowers, dahlias, anemones, ranunculus, rudbeckia, carnations, eucalyptus, godetia and many more.

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