My Story

After working on a couple of organic farms in my early 20’s, I always thought my path would eventually lead to small scale farming. I love the physical work, and watching the fields come to life as the summer progresses. 


For as long as I can remember I have had a near obsession with the inner-workings and beauty of flowers. From crawling around on garden-nursery floors as a child hunting for fallen blooms, to a focus on Flowering Plants and botany courses in university, flowers have captivated me my whole life. 


Another lifelong passion of mine has been in creating three dimensional art. From pottery to interior design I love the process of making things and spaces beautiful. Now, finally, all these passions have come together in one wonderful, beautiful mess! With two small children and my handyman husband, I have my crew to bring it all to life!

Please, follow along on my Instagram account @sweetwaterblooms for all the latest farm happenings!

-Courtney Booker