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My Story

When I was in my early 20's, I worked on a couple of organic farms and I fell in love with the work of a farmer. A farmers hard work is rewarded in such a visual, and tangible way that I find very satisfying. And so, I always thought my path would eventually lead to small scale farming. Another near obsession of mine, is of the inner-workings and beauty of flowers. When I took botany courses in University on the morphology, form and function of flowering plants I became truly enthralled. It took a long time for me to come to realize that these two passions could come together in a fulfilling career, but when they did it felt meant-to-be. 

I am motivated to do what I do because it feels meaningful to me. I love the physical work, and watching the fields come to life. I love the detailed preparations that go into field planning.  I love working with people to create a flower vision and then bringing it to life for them. I love working alongside nature, trying my best to foster a healthy piece of land. And perhaps most of all, I love the solitude and creative freedom that this work allows me.

Please, follow along on my Instagram account @sweetwaterblooms for all the latest farm happenings!

-Courtney Booker

To read more, check out this article over on Go Solo about me and my Sweetwater Blooms journey!


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