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My Story

When I was in my early 20's I fell in love with small scale, sustainable farming. A farmer's labour is rewarded in such a visual, and tangible way that I find very satisfying. I am also fascinated by the inner-workings and complex nature of flowers. When I took botany courses in University I learned about the morphology, form and function of flowering plants and I became truly enthralled. It took a long time for me to realize that these two passions could come together, but when I did it felt meant-to-be. 

I love the work of a flower-farmer. I love the physical labour, and then watching the fields come to life. I love the detailed preparations that go into field planning.  I love working alongside nature, trying my best to foster a healthy piece of land. And perhaps most of all, I love the solitude and creative freedom that this work allows me.

In 2023, Sweetwater Blooms became a founding member of the Ottawa Flower Collective. This partnership is an existing development that allows me to share my flowers with florists and their customers in the Ottawa area! For more information, please check out The Ottawa Flower Collective

Please, follow along on my Instagram account @sweetwaterblooms for all the latest farm happenings!

-Courtney Booker

To read more, check out this article over on Go Solo about me and my Sweetwater Blooms journey!


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