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Sweetwater blooms - wholesale

Sweetwater Blooms is a founding member of the Ottawa Flower Collectve. We are a partneship of 8 flower farmers in the broader Ottawa region.

The flower farmers of the Ottawa Flower Collective are committed to growing high quality, gorgeous flowers. Florists in the Ottawa region are invited to reach out and learn more. We use an online purchasing platform that allows participating florists to choose blooms from any of our 8 farms in a single order. Flowers are cut-to-order offering unparalleled freshness. Order cycles run weekly, with the online store "open" from Thursdays at 5pm to Mondays at 5pm. Weekly pick-up is from the Parkdale market every Thursday. 

We expect to offer a delivery option in the 2024 growing season. 

If you are a florist in the area, please reach out for more information.

*updated 03/09/2024

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